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production and installation of food industry machines, equipment and technological lines

Other food processing line machines

Our company always makes different food industry machines and equipment that are not our main profile, unique machines! These are usually designed and manufactured based on the customer’s request and idea. We are open to the design and production of new, special, unique machines.

Pet food production

Sweet corn processing

Green pea processing

Green beans processing

Cucumber processing

Jam, Fruit pith processing

Cherry, plum processing

Other vegetables

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    Carrot, zucchini, pepper, eggplant, beetroot, cabbage, pumpkin, etc.

Snail processing

Milk & cheese processing

Other food processing

All machines

Receiving and emptying machines

Meat wagon lifter, unloader:

The machine lifts the car manufactured for it and unloads it on the next technological line. Can be used for meat, vegetable and fruit processing lines. It is made in different sizes based on the customer’s ideas. The equipment is entirely made of stainless steel.


Cooking and cooling equipment

Manual vegetable fryer:

It can be used for frying and roasting many kinds of vegetables. The raw material must be fed into the machine by hand, and it can be taken out together with the finished product in the oven. It is made of stainless steel.


Product transport machines

Roller conveyor:

The task of the machine is to transport raw materials from one technological machine to another technological machine. The machine is made of stainless steel.


Other processing machines

Meaty handcart:

It can be used on various food processing lines to transport raw materials and discharge products at a higher level to the next technological machine. The equipment is entirely made of stainless steel.


Chips salting equipment:

During the production of potato chips, his task is to salt and season the product. The equipment is completely made of stainless steel

Honey picker:

The machine is mainly used by beekeepers and the honey processing industry. It is made in stainless steel.


Spice dispenser:

The task of the machine is to automatically add spices to the bottle and jar on the processing line. The machine is made of stainless steel.




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