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Machines in stock for sale:

Automatic Spherical Vacuum Station - NEW!

The spherical vacuum station is suitable for reducing and concentrating the water content of various liquid materials at low temperatures and under vacuum. Primarily, it is prepared for the processing of fruit pips and making jam. It can also be used to mix and dissolve several materials during compression.

Parts of the spherical vacuum station:

  • N2pc cooking pots - 1500 liters
  • N1 pc Condenser - 30m2
  • N1pc collection container - 500 liters
  • N1pc vacuum pump
  • N2pc dosing pumps
  • N1klt Connecting pipeline
  • N1klt Steam line
  • N1klt PLC Control automation
  • N1pc Scaffolding
  • N2pc refractometers

New Complete potato chips processing line

This line is of high automation,large capacity,low energy consumption,labor-saving,small area occupation,easy operation,good quality and high profit.The line mainly include the process of potato washing peeling,cutting,washing,blanching,dewatering,frying,deoiling ,flavoring and packing.We will provide formula and technology guidence free of charge to make sure you can make high quality and delicious potato chips.With small changes and add freezer to the line,you can make frozen french fries.
The line output is 210 kg/h finished product!

Parts of the line:

  • NWashing machine - 1 pieces
  • NSpiral washing and peeling machine - 1 pieces
  • NConveyor belt - 1 piece
  • NBucker elevator - 1 piece
  • NPotato cutting machine - 2 piece
  • NWashing machine - 1 piece
  • NLine Blanching - 1 piece
  • NCooling Line Machine - 1 piece
  • NDewatering machine - 1 piece
  • NFrying line Machine - 1 piece
  • NCooling and deoiling line - 1 piece
  • NConveyor belt - 1 piece
  • NSeasoning line Machine - 1 piece
  • NFully automatic packing machine



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